• Create clear pathways to postsecondary education that are affordable, accessible, and equitable, as well as support students in their transition to the workforce

  • Make early childhood education a priority and increase availability to ensure the next generation’s success in school and in life​

  • Increase pathways to postsecondary institutions in Louisiana that offer vocational or technical education certificates to promote a skilled workforce​

  • Increase availability and enrollment in high school courses that offer quality postsecondary credits to ensure college readiness and defray the cost of higher education


Economic Development

  • Invest in workforce development to prepare Louisiana residents to fill high-demand, high wage jobs in our state and provide a highly skilled and desirable workforce that will attract investment in Louisiana

  • Reduce poverty levels through education and workforce development investments

  • Create long-term stabilization of the state’s budget to eliminate resident and business uncertainty in state finances

  •  Diversify the economy through investing in small, local businesses that have exportable products

  • Move out of the top 10 in unemployment rate and lowest GDP within the next 10 years

  • Increase resident input on economic development decisions and vision



  • Move out of the top ten most toxic states in the country based on toxins released in the air

  • Ensure every community has consistent access to drinkable water

  • Safeguard coastal protection investments

  • Create forward-facing environmental education in Louisiana schools

  • Improve community outreach from environmental agencies in the government

  • Make sure industry and the environment can thrive in the same spaces by keeping environmental conversations collaborative


Criminal Justice

  • Increase focus on prevention and reintegration efforts to reduce prison overpopulation and defray prison costs

  • Re-evaluate sentencing guidelines to ensure action either furthers public safety or reforms the offender

  • End the privatization of prisons to reduce fiscal incentives to profit from mass incarceration

  • Make parole representation a right and not a privilege to ensure the most vulnerable have a chance at re-integration